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What is Twinkle?

MyTwinkleColors is a unique, individualized and comprehensive custom color analysis method for women and men of all ages, shapes, styles, ethnicities and budgets. This innovative personal service will change how you wear and buy apparel, cosmetic and accessory colors.

Twinkle Transformation

Wearing your Twinkle Colors is a way to brighten your appearance, discover your authentic self and amplify your confidence.


Most people only focus on the fit, style, or designer of a garment, not the color. Yet the outfit you have on is your "billboard" for the day, announcing who you are and allowing others to perceive you in certain ways. If you want to get your "look" right, it is imperative to get your "colors" right.


Accessories either enhance what you are wearing, or they are the focal point of your outfit. Think of them as adornments to your overall ensemble, with the color selection of each deserving thoughtful consideration every day. How exciting to be able to create an impeccable aesthetic that is 100% YOU!


The proper cosmetic selection will make you look luminous. Just as you have a unique body shape, you also have a distinctive personal eye, skin and hair color palette. Determining what colors complement these attributes best will ensure you reveal radiance.

My Twinkle Concept




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